20 May 2012

Yom Yerushalayim

Today is Yom Yerushalayim and the city is alive with Simcha pouring out of everyone.

This morning I went to hear three shiurim on Yerushalayim, in Baka, and then after a garden lunch we all started our march from Baka to the old Derech Hevron and listened as our guide spoke of Avraham Avinu and his footsteps on the way to Har HaBayit. Some of us felt as if we were treading that same path.

On we went with our footsteps traversing a rugged path, thru trees, pebbles and stones, and then we came out onto the Tayelet. This is the very large winding walkway that just about traverses all of Yerushalayim. At least. From this hilltop pathway one could see almost all the other hilltops, Har HarHabayit, Har HaZeitim, Mt Scopus, a few Arab sounding hills too, plus Harei Yehuda, a desert moshav, the Yam HaMelech. As far as the eye could see, the expanse was breathtaking, all the way over to the sand hills of Yehuda and practically into Jordan.

The buses are running on a different schedule, because the streets are filling up with marchers. Up Rehov Ramban they are marching, in their white shirts, knitted kippot, flags flying high, and voices bellowing out patriotic tunes. I'm home now, in the afternoon, and my mirpeset door is open and there is a cacophony of birds singing, helicopters flying overhead, singing marchers, and cars with music rising and filling the crisp, clean air. The weather couldn't have been more excellent, a perfect blend of coolness and caressing warmth. (If I close my eyes, it sounds like Purim)

Photo from Arutz Sheva

HaShem must be getting Nachas from His children so full of joy for the love of Yerushalayim, and for the miracle that He performed for us.

How could a Jew stay in a land not his own, but one that celebrates turkey day, rabbits, and jingling bells?

My heart is in love, my Neshoma is home. Listen to what Dovid Green sings from his heart, the heart of a Jew:

“Jerusalem – Eye of the Universe."

Music, lyrics and vocals by Dovid (David Green)

The song is a powerful look at Jerusalem from Green’s eyes and is featuredin his new album, “Journey to the Real You.” Green immigrated to Israel with his family from Toronto ten years ago.

Jerusalem - Eye of the Universe is a passionate expression of Dovid's love for the holy city of Jerusalem. The song and video takes you on a tour of the layers of history and modern life of the place also referred to as the eye of the universe, for no matter what happens in Jerusalem, it finds it's way to the front pages of the news papers around the world. Here are the lyrics

Soul of the world
in the heart of the land
together we stand in the
eye of the universe

where G-d meets man
through the joy and the pain
eye of the universe

City of peace
between the body and the soul
and the heavens and the earth
between one another
and please one day with the nations of the world
like her people pray

no more need to fight
and her G-dly light
will shine even brighter
and revive the life
oh yerushalayim

I can't explain
but I've never felt this way
Ive gotta kiss the ground cause I'm overwhelmed
Im in love with this ancient city
theres something in the air
I never felt anywhere

tell me why
Im feeling more alive
with every step I take
as I make my way
to the heart of the holy city
and i touch the wall of stone
like it's a part of my bones
and with a gentle kiss I know
I finally found my way home

the prophets and the kings
in the temple worshiping
together we will sing in the
eye of the universe

Layers of living
Timeless city
I can't believe I'm witnessing
centuries in the history of my soul

09 May 2012

Dear Residents of Crown Heights

If this isn't one of the saddest things...

Open Your Eyes ...

Yes, you are teaching valuable Jewish history through visuals so they can/will/might touch the yiddishe neshoma and stir a longing to actually return Home to the "3,000 Year Old REAL WORLD," in Yerushalayim where one can place a note in the actual KOTEL for real:

Crown Heights Museum Brings Kids 3,000 Years Of Jewish History