28 July 2013

Fresh Brewed Vanilla Bean Coffee with Frothy Cinnamon Hazelnut-Coconut Milk ...

Why is it that on a regular weekday my eyes pop open and up I am, feeding the birds, looking at the JPost, before even making my delicious freshly-ground fresh-brewed vanilla bean coffee (Aah that aroma) with cinnamon stick frothy Hazelnut-Coconut milk (very healthy) and feel just fine? But on a tzom (Jewish day of fasting) immediately upon awaking, before lifting my head, that awful feeling greets me? Just can't figure that out. 

Well today, I went for a routine annual blood test, awoke fine, sipped a little water, and prepared for the day. Then I remembered that today was really special. 

On went the computer and I tuned in to the amazing Nefesh b'Nefesh video of the 49th plane full of exhausted (I remember that feeling) new olim with tons of children, some bouncing around while others drowsily leaning on anyone or the floor. The introductions were lively, the music invigorating (surely kept everyone half awake, together with all the clapping of hands skillfully orchestrated to wake the sleeping). 

But more then that the music brought back those aliya feelings of excitement and butterflies inside that accompanied every thought and preparation the week of my flight. B"H 

The funny part is I had to push off my flight a couple days because enroute to me was my iPad! How could I go without my iPad. Too expensive to buy in Israel. However, I'm sorry that I didn't bring an iPhone with also. Oh, well, gam zu letova. My friends joked about the flight change. Back to the Olim. 

I just love watching the olim and seeing so many disparate individuals, all Jews coming to begin their life-changing fulfilling Great pictures of the children.

That video filled me with joy so I was able to go for the blood test without worries of fainting on the street. Took a monit (Israeli taxi) anyway.

On the way, all of a sudden his 'smart phone' beeped and he read a message. At Binyan Klal (right near Maccabi) there was a shooting, a man and woman were shot. Oh, great. That's where I'm headed.

Traffic was a bit stalled on Betzalel so I suggested going down the street (where the fish restaurant used to be, on the corner, where they're doing renovations) just before Eliash. It took us straight to Agripas. I walked from there, looking around for policemen.

Maccabi has the routine down so smoothly, I was in and out for the blood test. Back on Agripas around the corner toward the #19 bus and there they were. Policemen, an ambulance, people grilling the mishtara for information; the entrance on Eliach to Binyan Klal has some business going on at the entrance, but most of the action was over by then. Oh, well.

My bus came soon and of course the lady in front of me grilled the bus driver about the incident. I made my way around her to find a seat, as the driver turned up the radio so everyone on the bus could hear the news report. 

When we neared my neighborhood, at one intersection, there was a car not moving. The driver was getting annoyed because 'she' couldn't move around the car without entering the oncoming lane. Well, the car started moving and the driver waved at the bus driver, she opened the door and the car driver started asking for directions. "Yashar, yashar v'smolah."

B"H I was back at Abarbanel St and a furry welcome.

There in the entrance, in the grass to the right side, was "Mommycat and her seven (7) little darling kittens" greeting me, with 'meow, meow'. I took that for 'please give us food'. So upstairs I went, to the cabinet, and opened a can of sardines. I mashed them into a dish and down I went to feed our little friends. She is a youngish mother, and so happy to have those seven little darlings. Her stomach had eight (8) little nipples. 

This was the first time I ever saw so many kittens from one litter. The color of each kitten reflected one of the colors of the mother cat, she was multi-orange-white-grey and dark grey, but mostly white-orange. Her nose was still pink, that's how I could tell she was a young new mommycat. My husband was actually the first to feed them and so mommycat was very very appreciative of him and truly showed her affection by rubbing and meowing.

20 June 2013

"... loosened the boundaries of the sea"

I am sitting here in the sunshine of Yerushalayim, ever so grateful that HaShem has allowed us to live in the most beautiful city on earth. However, my thoughts are flooded with concern for friends and our Jewish family of Yidden, and all peoples, in America threatened by hurricane Sandy as she roars through several states unleashing the ocean's waters from their boundaries.

HaShem gave the waters on the earth on the third day of creation a directive not to go beyond their boundaries, set by the sands of shorelines.

 But what are they witnessing before their visual amazement? The waters are overflowing their boundaries.

In all the coverage of Sandy's strange path through the ocean ('hugging the shoreline,' 'veering strategicly left,' 'unleashing her might surrounding Manhattan,' and then in a reversed question-mark path' continuing) onto land, I have not heard anyone exclaim that "the Hand of God, is God angry with us! He has loosened the boundaries of the sea."

 This experience should produce some thoughts of retrospection, a delving into one's psyche, to grasp the message this mega-storm, this "ultra-earth-shattering" (everything is 'ultra' now) event, smack between the Parsha where HaShem instructs Avraham to leave his country, city, and family and the Parsha of the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah.

 Could there be a message here for the "undecided" Jews in America. Undecided who will lead the once great Goldene Medina away from a godless socialistic philosophy toward a restoration of Godly values once again, or the undecided about supporting the holiness of our Godly inheritance of Eretz Yisrael, or the indecision of coming home and living under the Wings of God's message to the world with the re-entry of Eretz Yisrael into history.

The fulfillment of the great prophecies of old. How could one remain undecided about who Governs this world! Who causes the sun to shine, Who loosens the boundaries of the seas upon the sands of the shores...

And who causes the winds to blow, the sun to shine, the birds to sing, and man and woman to live with free will.