11 November 2012

Heavenly Rain

Crunchy leaves underfoot and a blue sky with many white clouds announces Autumn, or the beginning of the winter season here in Israel. The sky was grey as I awoke. But then the sun smiled down on her children. By noon there came sauntering along a big grey cloud covering the sky above, then sweet rain pours down on every stone and blade of grass. Soon the grey cloud moves on to drench another area, and the blue sky reappears with sunshine. That is what you call heavenly rain. Each fluffy grey cloud has a list of programmed addresses to visit. Yesterday they were very generous in Elat, and today they are visiting Yerushalayimm. Very gently the season has changed. So today I put away my summer clothes with a sigh and fleeting memory of the warm days goneby. Busy rearranging drawers and closets, I unwrap my woolens and put them in their places. I'm ready! All ready for winter.