24 December 2010

Just an ordinary day!

On the way back from Givat Shaul, I stopped on Agrippas for my gluten free challah. "Only in Israel" did I find such delicious GF challah. It's been years since I could add this enjoyment to my Shabbos.

Next, a run thru the shuk and I was ready to head home. While waiting nearly half an hour for the 17 bus, I watched the unique assortment of Israelis from all over the world doing their weekly shopping and shlepping at the shuk. The variety in clothing, head gear, and unique ways some transport their goods is amazing.

Why is it davka! on yom hamishi when half of Jerusalem is heading home after shopping in the shuk that they don't use the buses without steps on my line? Davka when people are lugging their bags, carts, boxes, and other strange packages, do they have to drag them and their aged weary bodies up the steps of those pre-'48 buses!? Oh, well, gam zu l'tova.

Finally seated, enjoying the aromas of fragrant cusbara, celery, scallions, smoked sardines, hamutzim, spicy anavim (yum!) and petrozilia "glatt". . . There was a thud and then "Nahag, nahag, regah!" a pretty young Israeli shouted. Then a scream and a elderly lady was on the floor, arms went flying to lift the lady ... "Nahag, nahag!" ... the bus stopped.

Everyone helped her up and she found a seat. Todah's abounded and then ... The driver (Nahag) pulled the brake, left the driver's seat and came to the lady. He put his hand on her shoulder, and asked if she was alright. Again he asked, and it seemed he was not going to move until he was sure she was ok.

Never mind the traffic behind us. Time stood still.

Another "only in Israel" moment.

After we were on our way, where HaNeviim meets Strauss, buses were lined up all the way down the hill. Our driver decided to open the door and let out all who wanted King George street. I stayed on because I needed Rehavia, as well as several others. "Maybe it's a bomba? someone asked. That got my attention real quick. We all started guessing, cell phones buzzing all over, and then quiet. No, maybe just a drill?

I decided to take in the scenery as I knew the route the Nahag was taking. Forty minutes later there was my husband at my stop waiting devotedly to help me with our precious shuk delights. "What happened, I went back to the house to get my cell phone, thinking you might call me..." now, that's another story ... why he doesn't have his cell phone just when I'm trying to reach him!

Why does 'petrozilla' (parsley) need to be "glatt"?

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