12 January 2011

The Green Door

I felt an air of mystery with every step we took. We were about to experience a mostly unknown ancient remnant of the Kotel.

We turned the corner and I was suddenly shaken.
There was a Chayal, an Israeli soldier, weapon draped over his tall shoulders, eyes not focusing but taking everything in. He was guarding the small green door. It was open and inside I could see Arabs walking and some sitting and some folded over on the ground.

Quickly our guide led us into a small area to the left of the green door.

The air was very still, there was no sound, only the pounding of my heart. I felt the aura of holiness. I took my siddur (prayer book) and poured out my heart to the One Who was listening.

Our guide was explaining ... and here we were facing a remnant of the ancient Kotel that had been rebuilt by the wicked Herod. He then told us that this Wall "is even holier than the other Wall, because its location is practically opposite the actual site of the Holy of Holies" of our Holy Temple.

Twenty five years later I am now living in Eretz Yisrael with my husband and this memory returned as I read about the Israeli Antiquities Authority. They will be refurbishing this area, restoring some crumbling stones, a new floor plus more. Inch by inch, Israel is elevating and beautifying the stones of the Kotel with respectful renovations.

My hope is that the Green Door
will disappear and once again
our Leviim will be going to and fro
giving nachas to the One Above.

The Green Door pic from the mighty Elder of Ziyon blog


  1. Dear Neshama,

    It is you who writes so beautifully. You are refined in your words. That's what I love about being a Jewish woman, finding refinement in everything.

    Thank you for writing me. Are you living in Israel full time now?

    I am so sorry, I have to ask, what am I leaving off of my blog? Please tell me so that I can rectify it.


    Hasya Ya'ara

  2. Neshama,

    I do not have your e-mail address in my address book.

    I would love to start e-mailing you again.

    My e-mail is: mpwrz@hotmail.com
    I hope you can write me sometime soon.

    Hasya Ya'ara