05 January 2011

What Am I Doing Here?

What I first remember from being in Eretz Yisrael in the 80's was the sun embracing me in tremendous warmth penetrating my bones, and my Neshoma feeling "at peace and at home". That "Oooh this bed feels so good" homey feeling after being on a business trip, staying in hotels, eating someone else's idea of food.

I have always loved being outdoors in the sunshine, under leafy trees or in the blazing desert, under clear skies, or a sky filled with magnificent fluffy clouds playing havoc with the suns rays. The feel of the morning air, its water crystals capping blades of grass, or dangling off leaves bathed by the misty sun's rays ... A cool moistness carressing my face. This is a beautiful morning in Israel. But then every morning in Israel is beautiful!

Nearly six months my husband and I are living in Yerushalayim. It takes minutes, hours, days and weeks to slowly become familiar with very different and new surroundings, all the while giving conscious awareness of the hashgocha pratis (providence) in each new experience that one is brought into.

If one can be 'in love' with a place, then I am immensely in love with Yerushalayim and the whole of Eretz Yisrael.

World, I'm not going anywhere!

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