20 January 2011

Our Neighbors

In Jerusalem you are likely to find a lovey-dovey couple gracing your mirpeset (balcony) in the early hours. No, not some strangers in a stranglehold on your porch at 3am!

It's more apropos to find pinkish-brown doves coming to see who their new neighbors are. A little sunflower seeds is a great enticement. They snuggle together inside a flowerless flower box hanging over the railing. Peek at them from a safe distance and they immediately stare back, privacy broken, they fly to a nearby branch for seclusion. So tsnius those little doves are!

I put out sunflower seeds around 11:30 a.m. My husband comes home and curiously peers out on the mirpeset. The timing is good. My hungry fine feathered friends are nibbling away.

They must be the same twosome I see while heading for the bus. The vigilant guardians of Abarbanel Street. There they are, canvassing up and down on Ibn Ezra street, out in front of the shul, always within eyeshot of each other.

When you see one on your premises with twigs in beak, its a sure sign the male is searching for the perfect spot to construct his lovers nest. He'll fly back and forth with twigs all day long to create a cushion for his beloved to nestle. When the male takes off you can hear a musical sound from the air flowing thru it's wings. Once she's sitting, he will continue to bring her twigs to her cushion and protect their offspring.

Maybe I'll put out a basket to help the male find a spot for his lover. Or maybe they'll go for the flower pots? In any case, I'm awaiting the chirping of a couple tiny new neighbors.

Listen at the end of this video and you can hear the musical sound as he flies off.

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