17 August 2011

Mossad Agents?

My husband loves a little honey smeared on his morning whole wheat pitta. Mmm, delicious. He's not the only honey lover in my home. He has competition from the smallest critter I've ever seen. Teeney tiny they are, but they move very fast. That must mean many teeny tiny legs.

Well, their fast is not fast enough. I'm right after them. Washing the honey jar, scanning the table, checking the shelf, washing everything down with lots of water (which they don't like). Haven't found their entry hole yet but it's me against them and I'm out to win.

Of course you figured it out by now, tiny teeny little microscopic Israeli ANTS. Not your run of the mill kind, these must work for the Mossad. Undeterred in their mission.

Haven't seen any tennis rackets yet.

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