16 January 2012

The Sky

He said the weather in Israel was boring! How could he say such a thing. But then, that was who he was.

Now, take me, a new resident in this eclectic country of myriad Jewish souls. The weather to me is an exciting way to wake to the beginning of a new day. The window is right near my bed, unencumbered by curtains, yawning a scene of magnificence very different each morning. The majestic sun's first rays color the sky a deep crimson, then golden hues rise up and splash on the wall over my bed.

Time to start the day! That's my cue on many a 6:30 am.

But sometimes clouds slide in on occasion to pale my excitement.

I love the diversity of regal scenes that HaShem covers our world's ceiling to awaken and stimulate our Neshomas ......... if one only takes the time to notice.

Pictures courtesy ArutzSheva

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